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We are a Canadian business in Vancouver and Montreal, based in Virginia, USA.  Comprised of designers, artisans from world wide experience, our motif comes from the concept that designs utilized, come from materials - or design processes "From the Air".  And derive from rough or corrosive elements into workable forms and shapes.


Our Staff:


Thomas O'Casey - Over 30 years of design and concept support for NASA Design.  Also Fortune 500 companies - Universal Studios, California - supporting artist management for Geffen/Roberts, STAX Records,  Warner Brothers Chicago, Leo Castelli, and Andre Emmerich Galleries.  Corcoran School of Art and Chouinard/Cal Arts.  Created for NASA, the 'Aerospace Design Exhibit", comprised of historical NASA wind tunnel test models as art and sculpture forms, based on Brancusi's 'Bird in Flight', developed  with Chicago Architect, Jeanne Gang and the Art Institute of Chicago. Assisted with Frank Gehry, early work on his 'Santa Monica House.


For OCB, adopted elements from his father's work from 1940's CalTech/JPL, WWII Europe and his development of Rocketdyne, North American Aviation, for support of NASA and the U.S. Space Propulsion Development.


Cherie Matisse - fine artist, painter and fashion designer.  Worked on East Coast US, and retaining studios in the Southwest US.


Priscilla Burns - Designer of swimwear and apparel


Donna Bushman - Photographer OCB label.  Has over twenty five years behind the camera in aerial and aeronautical photography.  Photography not limited to industrial, fashion, extreme sports, public affairs, special events, travel, and landscape coverage.  Published in the Experimental Aircraft Association, NASA, and Pilot Getaways magazine.  Selected work for Air & Space, Fantasy of Flight, and Mercy Medical Hospital for publications.  Additional work in Peterson Photographic, OSHKOSH, Chamber of Commerce, Land's End, Sears, and Road America publications.  Currently retains a studio in the Chicago, Illinois area.